Participate in the Governor’s Page Program


High school students from North Carolina have been invited to participate in the Governor’s Page Program. Students between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, in good academic standing, are invited to the Capitol to serve one week terms. Each term is to be served during the legislative sessions and the summer, public holidays excluded.

Students will be expected to behave professionally at all times, while learning about the importance of public service. The program gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge of state government. Governor McCroy is personally welcoming students to this program.

The program offers students the chance to work within at least one state government building. These sites may include: Museum of History, State Capitol and the Executive Mansion. During the tenure pages will have the opportunity to meet the Governor and other elected officials.

To apply for this position, you will need to complete the application form online. It is to be completed in one sitting, and you must provide three preferred dates of service. You will need three people to complete the recommendation form, and all completed forms must be sent for consideration into the program.

If accepted, pages must report on Monday at 1pm to the Governor’s Office in downtown Raleigh. You will be expected to dress in professional business attire for each day. It is encouraged that you wear comfortable footwear.

Pages will have a weekly stipend of $150 to offset costs. The checks are distributed in Raleigh on the Friday before departing.  Great chance for students in our community

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