The Declaration of Independence

Did you know this about Declaration of Independence?

Declaration of Independence

Since April 1775, freely composed and structured groups of American colonists were battling with British military and troopers, trying to secure their liberty as loyal British subjects. This turned into a revolution and the majority of people in America started pushing as well as fighting for complete independence in 1776. Actually, the Revolutionary War had begun when the “American Continental Congress” flipped a committee of 5 members incorporating Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson to the official statement of the colonists’ demands and expected to be delivered to King George Third. On July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, the United States Declaration of Independence adopted by congress (Second Continental). Yes, it was the national birthday.

Below is the short track of events causing the Official adoption of the United States Declaration of Independence.

  • May 1775: A petition sent to King George by congress remained unanswered regarding the redress of grievances.
  • June/July 1775: Second continental congress created a continental army, first post office, as well as the first national currency to serve the United colonies.
  • August 1775:The American Prohibitory act passed through English parliament
  • January 1776: Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, bought by a lot of colonists. This was to express the American independence.
  • March: Privateering Resolution passed by the congress
  • April: Trading started as the American seaports were opened for cargo and trade from other countries.
  • May: Resolution for the Formation of Local Governments.
  • June: Richard Henry Lee wrote a resolution (a statesman or delegate from Virginia), which was postponed by congress due to the committee of five, as congress wanted them to draft the original resolution regarding the independence of America.
  • 2 July 1776: Congress adopted the original resolution wrote by Richard Henry Lee by the votes of twelve colonies.
  • 4 July 1776: The final Declaration of Independence heralded in Philadelphia. However, the engrossed version of the United States Declaration was engrossed on August 2, 1776.
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